Referral Partnership Program

At MDInsuranceAuth (MDIA) we assist medical Providers with their insurance pre-authorization (“authorization”) needs. By referring a provider to MDIA’s service, you can help them to streamline administrative operations and reduce overhead costs. In addition, you gain a revenue stream from your Referred Medical Provider (RMP) accounts.

    It’s Simple:
  • Sign up online to join the program .
  • Refer RMP’s who contract with MDIA’s authorization service.
  • Receive payments automatically.
    • Benefits:
  • Earn referral revenue for as long as the RMP uses their account with MDIA.
  • Generate add-on service business.
  • Align your business with a leader in insurance authorization services.
    • Training:
  • Review the website.
  • Review the downloadable brochure.
  • Watch the instructional Flash Demo
  • Call our toll free phone number for live assistance.
    • Payment:
  • Earn a percentage of the RMP administrative fees actually paid to MDIA. See levels below.
  • Payments to you are made on a monthly basis.
  • Referral eligibility is based on RMP’s actually paying their monthly fee.
  • Your number (#) off RMP’s is based on active RMP’s up-to-date with their monthly fees.
    • Levels:
  • Silver              1 to 50 active RMP’s              = 5%of paid fees
  • Gold               1 to 100 active RMP’s            = 7.5%of paid fees
  • Platinum        101 + active RMP’s                 = 10%of paid fees
  • Join our Referral Partnership Program today and start enjoying the benefits MDIA has to offer you and your RMPs! Register today and you will receive your referring source code within 24 hours. MDIA provides our partners the opportunity to earn an ongoing, second revenue stream from clients with whom they already have a business relationship.


    To join our Referral Partnership program and start earning additional revenue from your RMPs, please click Sign up now.

    if you are an existing MDInsAuth customer interested in joining our referral program, Click here