Frequently Asked Questions (Click here to download FAQ)

What services does MDInsuranceAuth offer?

MDInsuranceAuth offers:

  1. Pre-Authorization
  2. Eligibility and Benefits Verification
  3. NYS Workers’ Compensation Variance and Prior Approval Programs
  4. NYS Medical Treatment Guidelines Search Tools

Our proprietary technology, programs and services are unique in the industry today and provide our clients with the ability to create a more efficient front end operation with less time focused on paper and more time on patients.

How do I know when an authorization or eligibility has been obtained?

Once MDIA has completed a request for eligibility and benefits verification or obtained results for an authorization request we notify the provider’s office via email, fax or both based upon the preferences set by the office during account set up. MDIA’s comprehensive notifications are able to be attached to the patients physical or electronic files and are also available for viewing anytime on the MDIA website.

What is an Missing Information Letter?

Missing Information Letter or "MIL" is issued via email / fax depending on your selected preferred method of communication, and they will inform you of any additional and/or missing information required to complete the obtaining of your authorization. Most common items include missing or incorrect insurance information or additional clinical information required. Upon receipt of an MIL the provider need only provide the requested information via fax or upload directly to the MDIA website in order that we may continue the authorization process.

How do I cancel my account?

In the event you no longer want to utilize the services simply email advising that you would like to cancel your account. The account will be cancelled effective the day of your notification and your final invoice will be prorated based on the cancellation date or if you have passed the minimum then billed for your processed requests.

How do I use the online system?

MDInsuranceAuth website has been designed to be extremely user friendly. However, an MDIA Account Manager will schedule onsite or web training for any new clients upon request.