About Us

Our company has achieved tremendous success working with healthcare providers for many years !

Fast Facts:

  • MDInsuranceAuth.com is owned by MDIA a NY Based company.
  • We are the only provider of healthcare insurance authorizations nationwide.
  • Our online service offers an easy to use website.
  • Our authorization specialists will save you money, time and stress.

MDInsuranceAuth.com has developed a much needed service for insurance authorization requests. Our web based service allows Providers to sign up online and submit requests for all insurance carriers. An On-Demand Assistant is assigned to work on the request, coordinate all needs with the insurance companies, complete all follow ups and send results immediately back to the provider. Our success rate in obtaining insurance authorization approval is over 95%.

MDInsuranceAuth.com’s goal is to provide high quality insurance authorization service for medical providers. It is our intent to reduce the provider’s over head costs by handling the time consuming administrative work involved in obtaining insurance authorization for their patients.